Super folding ability, convenient for you to store, do not worry about the station space can not be stored
The dual-use tote bag is a tote bag and a pet sleeping pad, and has a safety strap on the outside. The cage can be fastened to the seat by a safety strap during driving to prevent the brake from causing damage to the pet.
The wire support of the cage is strong and flexible, it is not easy to bend, and the awakening can make the cage more secure after being folded.
The powerful interior space allows the pet to play freely inside, the curtain storage design, the curtain on one side can be rolled up, so that there is no need to worry about the beauty of the curtain hanging, the new double door design, the top is equipped with a large skylight, which can make pets Seeing the scenery outside
Surrounded by breathable design on all sides, it is powerful and transparent, effectively solving the problem of sultry pets
Retractable Pet Bag Foldable Extended Pet Bag Breathable Car Backpack (Denim bluee Suitable For 6.5Kg Pet)

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